What Our Successful Clients Say About Us...

“I was not a happy camper. I had potential customers who were ready to put LED lights into their building, but every time I quoted them a price, they told me the price was too high.

So, I did my research. I checked out dozens of lighting companies throughout the US. Some had great quality, but their prices were ridiculously expensive. Others gave me a good price, but they didn’t have UL ratings and were just poor quality.

Finally, I heard about the guys at Only LED Lights. I talked to the CEO, Kevin Johnson personally. As soon as I saw his lighting products, I knew I hit gold.

The competitive price and the required quality were there. I sold the lights to my customers immediately who were very appreciative about my persistence to find the best lighting products at a fair price. And, I had enough of a margin to make a nice profit for my company. Thank you, Only LED Lights!”

Brandon McCoy
Callidus Electric LLC,
Henderson, Nevada

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