About Us

Remember when you were a kid with just 25 cents in your pocket.
You walked into the corner candy store ready to buy something…but as soon as you saw the rows and rows of candy, you just stopped…and looked…and looked some more.

There were actually too many options. And you wanted to make sure you got the most bang for your buck.

The red licorice looked good, but so did the chocolate bar. And what about the jellybeans? Can’t miss out on those.

How does one choose when there are so many choices?

Well, now you’re all grown up and you have the same problem with LED lights.
Currently, there are hundreds of national and international companies selling thousands of various lighting products. And they’re all telling you that they have the best lights in the world.

You might feel that it’s a bit overwhelming to decide exactly which LED company and which specific LED light is perfect for your individual need.

As a price and quality conscious buyer of LED lights, how do you really know that you’re getting the best light at the best deal?

That’s where we can help you.

We initially felt the same way, and he’s what we did about it.

First, we began the evaluation process.
Actually, it was a total submersion.
Like drinking from a fire hose.

We sifted, sorted, and looked at thousands of lights.We analyzed and examined dozens of multi-million dollar lighting companies.
We walked around their factories, went to lighting shows in China, and eventually checked out so many LED lights that we can tell the type, the color, and the wattage of almost any light from across the room.

We spent thousands of hours checking and rechecking the various lighting options available.

We bought samples, put them in our homes, and even got our wives to give us feedback on which light displayed just the right brightness when actually turned on.

And, now because of our unique relationships with the “Big Boys” in China, we have access to literally thousands of potential lighting products.

So what does this mean to you?

We narrowed our list to the top LED lights from a huge number of lights. Then, we meticulously chose only a select few that met our high standards.

Basically, we have the best Tube Lights from one company and the best Bulb Lights from another. We acquired street Lights here and Grow Lights there. And so on.

We also negotiated the absolute best possible factory direct prices available to any wholesale buyer of LED lights in the United States.

And we are passing those savings on to you.

So, now we’ve told you about us.

We would like to find out about you and your lighting needs. Take some time to look at our products. Then, click on the “Inquire Now” button next to the product.

Simply give us some basic information and within 24 hours, one of our lighting experts will contact you to begin our Lighting Evaluation Process.
Here we listen to you and discover your needs for your upcoming project.

If we can help you, we’ll let you know. And if we can’t, we’ll guide you in the right direction towards a company or product that’s a better fit for you.

My team and I look forward saving you money on purchases, making you money on your next bid, and helping you make our planet just a bit greener.

Kevin Johnson, CEO
Only LED Lights